10 not your everyday cards

Image of 10 not your everyday cards

10 ridiculously clever, kinda ballsy cards cards in a chic wooden box
• i miss you / when i’m drunk
• you skinny little bitch / what i mean is… did you lose weight?
• just because / you’re the only one in the family i like
• i promise to spare you if i ever go postal at work [blank inside]
• happy jewish day / really, who can keep track
• oh thank god / what i mean is… sorry about your divorce
• life sucks sometimes / sorry this is one of your “sometimes”
• vent all you want / i stopped listening weeks ago
• i promise to tell you when you’re too old to go without panties [blank inside]
• thinking of you / …naked

4.25 x 5.5 - heavy white stock - raised type and letterpress - 10 signature red envelopes
omw-10ned $30